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So, you wanna' be a firefighter?

Being a volunteer firefighter is a great way to give back to your community. But it's also a big commitment...


We are volunteers.

We are on call 24/7 365.

We don't do it for the pay.

We don't do it for the glory.

We don't do it for the T-shirt.

We do it because we want to help others.

We do it to protect our residents.

To serve our community.

To be there for someone on their worst day.

We invite ourselves into some of the most uninviting situations.

We witness things that people generally don't see.

We drop everything we're doing to help people that we don't even know.

We spend countless hours training, fundraising, responding.

Sometimes we're with each other more than our families.

But we have a unique brotherhood between us.


And we welcome you to join, because if we don't go when the call comes in.. Who will?



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